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Amplify Test AMP [60 Tabs]

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Amplify Test AMP is a scientifically formulated natural support in enhancing free testosterone production. The newest formulation contains clinical doses of the most powerful natural testosterone boosting ingredients, ensuring that your body maintains an optimum level of testosterone, boosting your strength, and enhancing those muscle gains!

The ingredient profile per serving (2 capsules)

  • 1000 mg D-Aspartic Acid is one of the most efficient ingredients in enhancing free testosterone production, and provides a clinical dosage for the most optimal testosterone production.
  • 250 mg Fenugreek Extract which facilitates in the production of testosterone, as well as increasing your sex drive.
  • 225 mg Magnesium Oxide helps with the recovery process, as well as facilitating the production of testosterone.
  • 100 mg Boron Citrate helps with absorption of these key ingredients.
  • 15 mg Zinc Monomethionine which has been proven to enhance free testosterone production, specifically during the night.
  • 2000 IU Vitamin D3 which helps with absorption of nutrients, as well as ensuring that the body utilises all of these ingredients effectively.

Test AMP is the ultimate solution in boosting free flowing testosterone levels, ensuring that your body reaches its ultimate muscle building potential!


  • Consume 1 serving (2 capsules) twice daily.


Consult your health care professional prior to use. Use this product as a food supplement only. Keep out of reach of children, not intended for individuals under the age of 18.

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