MHP Reckless Blue Slushy [146G]

MHP Reckless Blue Slushy [146G]

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What is Reckless?

Reckless goes far beyond your basic high stimulant pre-workout. Reckless is a fully-loaded, university-tested pre-workout engineered to improve your physical and mental performance. This pre-workout formula uses a synergistic combination of ingredients to not only give you an intense energy boost you need, but the strength, endurance, pumps and focus you desire without the crash.

Reckless is the only pre-workout backed by two clinical trials on the complete formula – and not just a single ingredient. It is also informed choice certified, so you can trust that what your consuming has no banned substances.

What Does Reckless Do?

  • In just 30-minutes, rapidly boosts cognitive activity, reaction time, attentional processing, focus, concentration, and decision making
  • Rapid increase in energy and mood
  • Boosts blood flow 32% and pumps 72% more than exercise alone
  • Enhances strength, power, and endurance
  • Informed Choice Certified For No Banned Substances